Post Central Trip

For a class trip, we went to Post Central communications located in Rochester New York and there is where I got inspired to be in the field of Digital Media. The building was made of several suites all containing some aspect of what we learned in Production 1 class. It consisted of a sound recording room with high end recording equipment. The room itself was designed for removing noise completely for smooth recordings. Another room had the computer editing suite which is where they mentioned the program Flame. The program itself is combining several video and 3d Animation programs together so the cost of the program is substantially high. But the icing on the cake of the entire experience was their green screen room. It was a big room with green walls and floor but there was no edge to where the wall and floor met. That made it easier to remove the green screen so you wouldn’t see the edges when you bring it into a program. I love both performing and video production and seeing the space where both happen gave me chills. The overall experience was a good way to see the field in which we are trying to get in to and the two guides we had were able to shed light on their experience.

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